virus: Blue Pill Theorum

Snow Leopard (
Thu, 20 May 1999 05:32:09 PDT

Blue Pill Theorem (A Matrix Allusion):

If two equally improbable and mutually exclusive ideas are faced, it is better to take the one that brings the most benefit/the least pain.

Now, even if I thought your sources were reliable in “disproving” the validity of the Bible, even if I could believe it as truth, look at what you stand for. If you saw a person talking to another about a family crisis, and the listener says, “I will pray for you,” you’d call ‘em “sick”. On the other hand, if nothing else, it is psychologically beneficial, to know someone is doing what they can, [which you would see as nothing] to help a situation, or to do what you can in a situation that otherwise cannot be affected. Better to do nothing and feel like you’re doing something than to do nothing at all. If there’s no God, I haven’t lost anything. I’ve gained a peace-of-mind, and security concerning the afterlife. And if I’m wrong, when I die, I’ll meet some all-forgiving entity that’s open-minded and RATIONAL? Either way, I’m in good shape.


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