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David McFadzean (
Thu, 20 May 1999 08:41:05 -0600

At 05:32 AM 5/20/99 -0700, Snow Leopard wrote:
>affected. Better to do nothing and feel like youíre doing something than to
>do nothing at all. If thereís no God, I havenít lost anything. Iíve gained
>a peace-of-mind, and security concerning the afterlife. And if Iím wrong,
>when I die, Iíll meet some all-forgiving entity thatís open-minded and
>RATIONAL? Either way, Iím in good shape.

It is a grave mistake to think that there is no cost to believing a falsehood. A moment's thought will show that on average people that believe in an afterlife are less unwilling to die than those who don't. For example my cousin was willing to forego treatment for cancer last year because he believed it was God's will and he died at the age of 25.

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