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Thu, 20 May 1999 09:35:47 -0400 (EDT)

> Humor me here, if you will:
> 1) Define "living organism", then:

...Kant's definition is as good as any for now [paraphrased through Fritjof Capra]: a [living] organism is one in which the "parts also exist /by means of/ each other, in the sense of producing one another."

> 2) Identify exactly how far down the food chain of "living
> organisms" you go before you cease to bother yourself with the
> considerations you grant to cows, and:

...I have to kill to live, an implacable fact. I eat as low on the food chain as is consistent with my material situation [ie. living in urban north america with no present option to alter that circumstance] and the continuation of my person. I don't demand that cows not be killed [I don't *demand* anything], but I think that blandly consuming a being with a mind without participating directly in the death of that being, getting your hands dirty, as it were, is both thoughtless and disrespectful.
...sticking with cows for the moment. A cow is a complex, intricate, wonderful creature. Cows are beautiful, biologically fascinating and rife with significance in the history of the humyn organism. Mechanically raising, slaughtering, packaging and eating
creatures with as much integral meaning to our culture, thoughtways, mythstructures and history [in story and analysis], doing so while deliberately distancing ourselves from exactly what that entails, is blind and ignorant [willfully so] and incredibly selfish. want to eat a cow, fine. Take responsibility for your choice. hell, realize that you are MAKING a CHOICE. Raise the cow. Put your own energy and time into the life of this organism. Then participate in the slaughter and butchery, or at least watch. Have respect for what you destroy.

[I think I answered point 3 above]

> 3) Why you draw the line there.
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