Re: virus: Death Wish (was "Quest")

Robin Faichney (
Thu, 20 May 1999 10:24:16 +0100

In message <000a01bea24d$d5606b40$>, Dave Hall <> writes
>With regard to rights to self-medicate I just want to say thanks, and add a
>bit of explanation, as what I'm doing is not exactly "normal", and this is
>as good a place as any to go "public" albeit it in an extremely small and
>informal way. Either way, I respect that stance, thanks.

Me too!

I mean, as someone who's been receiving treatment for depression (unipolar) for over a year -- and probably should have been getting it many years ago -- I firmly believe in "coming out", and fighting the prejudice people like us -- and especially those of us with more serious problems -- encounter all the time. On this list, for instance. Go for it Dave!

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