RE: virus: Matrix...and teletubbies

Dr Sebby (
Wed, 07 Apr 1999 17:59:48 CEST

Has NATO considered air-dropping millions of docile, fuzzy teletubbies on the Slovenian situation? Imagine if everyone were able to look deeeeep into those mesmerizing little plastic eye-balls?! how could they resist the lure? They would call it: "Operation: Love is in the Air"

>From: Zloduska <>
>Subject: RE: virus: Matrix...and teletubbies
>Date: Tue, 06 Apr 1999 22:08:14 -0500
>Bill wrote:
>>Kristy - I know the teletubbies are tough for adults to handle
>>but it is also a damn good little kids program. As I have a 1yr old
neice, I
>>have watched the program with her many times, it has all the
markings of a
>>good program - happy and peaceful, lots of repetition (like little
>>act), the most the ever say is "uh-oh, haha, ohhh, etc... It's hard
not to
>>smile when you are watching it. Despite commercialism and such,
some things
>>are successful just cause they are good.
>Marketing frenzy aside...But where is the educational value? That
is what
>I was wondering. At least on Sesame Street (besides those great
>you learned how to count to ten in Spanish. If I had a kid, I'd
>read to them instead of setting them in front of the tube.
>ps: I also wonder, why is everyone else I know or have known going
mad, on
>medication, committing suicide, being incarcerated, pregnant, or
>hospitalized on me? I thought Spring was a time of renewal and
>rejuvenation, not death and self-destruction. Uh, nevermind,
>aloud again....

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