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Tue, 06 Apr 1999 20:03:49 CEST

....If repetitive 'uh-oh's' and 'ooh-la's' constitute 'good programming' for children(1yr olds or not) then why bother educating them when they get older? when i was in my youth i could be found re-living potential jedi situations with star wars figures in the though i wasn't familiarizing myself with anything exactly applicable to the world around me, at least i was developing some imaginative qualities.

The one 'teletubbie' episode i had the chance to see seemed like an experiment in fostering infant stress/frustration....basically, there was this one teletubbie...lets call him dipsy for sake of argument...anyway, he wanted to do something fun, a game or something - it doesnt matter...but every time he started in on his 'fun project' some computer 10ft away would indicate a problem requiring resolution he would relunctantly abandon his 'fun project' and slooooowwwwly plod over to said computer, hit a few buttons and be rewarded with a beep of approval indicating that everything was ok now....he would then, with great impatience, sloooooowwwwly trundle back to his 'fun project' and attempt to begin this 'fun' activity....but every time he would commence doing this 'fun' thing, the computer would have a problem again, and he would have to go back and sort it out, etc.......Well, it went on repeating this annoying and frustrating process about 10 times - all the way through the fact he never did succeed in permanently resolving the computer's problems...the show ended with everyone completely irritated, frustrated and dissatasfied - kind of like those wet dreams where you wake up seconds before realizing your hormonal desires.

what in the world might the effects of such pointless psycho-torture on our children be? And besides, i know why they only say things such as 'ooh-la' etc....they all have cleft palates, take a look at em'!!! whats the deal with that? May O' Squid of Magenta Hue smite them all with a loving tentacle...may he/she pinch off 'la-la's' left buttock and rupture dipsy's spleen, these big bottomed anomalies are nothing but a more extreme dose of tele-opiate for our already creatively impaired children.

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>Kristy - I know the teletubbies are tough for adults to handle
>but it is also a damn good little kids program. As I have a 1yr old
neice, I
>have watched the program with her many times, it has all the markings
of a
>good program - happy and peaceful, lots of repetition (like little
>act), the most the ever say is "uh-oh, haha, ohhh, etc... It's hard not
>smile when you are watching it. Despite commercialism and such, some
>are successful just cause they are good.
>Bill Roh
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>> Bill wrote:
>> >Well, Kristee, it's the same old tale. One pill (the red
>> one) will reveal
>> >the truth of reality to the person, the other (blue pill)
>> will obliterate it
>> >completely and let the person live in the fantasy world.
>> >
>> >I'll take the red pill.
>> So would I, as I said, but I can't escape the feeling that
>> maybe we have
>> been taking the blue pill in regular doses all this time, and the
>> prescription for the red pill expired a long, long time ago.
>> Perhaps it's
>> because I have just seen yet another reference to Squid on
>> Tim's comic site.
>> SK wrote:
>> > I guess i'd just have to go with the red one, but i'd be
>> sure to lace
>> >it with strichnine first. In anycase it wouldn't really
>> matter would
>> >'s like, would i like to be a Christian if i could
>> really choose
>> >to believe as one? It sure would be great to REALLY 'KNOW'
>> that heaven
>> >was there waiting for me and all is under the loving guidance of the
>> >G-man...and everything is just for the best in the best of possible
>> >worlds. I mean, even if i were deluded - it would be one
>> heck of good
>> >trip now wouldn't it?
>> Look what happened to that old Dr. Pangloss though..his nose
>> rotted off!
>> > but onto my primary topic; i really think we should be
>> talking a lot
>> >more about 'teletubbies' and their significance in our lives.
>> As a phenomenon, or a product?
>> >p.s. zloduska, i would send you a teletubbie if they weren't so
>> >incredibly expensive. it seems the worlds reserves of 'hard
>> plastic'
>> >are getting dangerously low..that coupled with the
>> deforestation of the
>> >'nylon worm's' natural habitat has sent teletubbies prices
>> soaring...but
>> >you get what you pay for;)
>> I think the Tellytubby fad is in the same vein as the horrid
>> Beanie Babie
>> craze. Both are ridiculous. But...since Jerry what's-his-face has
>> publicly condemned the show for being pro-gay and featuring a
>> homosexual
>> teletubbie creature, I wouldn't mind being associated with
>> ol' Tinky Winky.
>> Only, I think those things are too frightful-looking to keep one.
>> brought to you by the color purple and the number 19,
>> ~kjs

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