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The show deal with things like cooperation, sharing, listening to parents, and real basic communication skills. There are 4 tubbies (Po, dipsy, Tinky-Winky and LaLa) and a sentient vacuum. The teletubbies live in a geodesic (sp) dome, and in the dome is a table for eating - a round table with four chairs. There is an undefined mess on one of the chairs which leaves 3 chairs available. basically 3 sit, Po sees the mess and goes "oh-oh" like a 1 yr old might, he cant sit down. At this point, Dipsy, feeling sad for Po, gives up his chair in a kind way. Of course, after doing so Dipsy realizes that now there is no-where for him to sit. LaLa feels bad for Dipsy and gives up his chair - the story continues for a while like this - slow and repetitive until they realize that by cleaning up, there will be space for all. Like Tim said - this show is for the youngest crowd and mimics a lot of their learning styles. My neice loves it, as do the other babies I have contact with. I smile when I watch it, and enjoy studying the production. It just seems to me like attacking the Teletubbies is uncontained cyncism gone bad. (this is not aimed at you Kristy). They are not worth the trouble of insult - except for maybe marketing of the toys.

Bill Roh

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> Bill wrote:
> >Kristy - I know the teletubbies are tough for adults to
> handle commercially,
> >but it is also a damn good little kids program. As I have a
> 1yr old neice, I
> >have watched the program with her many times, it has all the
> markings of a
> >good program - happy and peaceful, lots of repetition (like
> little children
> >act), the most the ever say is "uh-oh, haha, ohhh, etc...
> It's hard not to
> >smile when you are watching it. Despite commercialism and
> such, some things
> >are successful just cause they are good.
> Marketing frenzy aside...But where is the educational value?
> That is what
> I was wondering. At least on Sesame Street (besides those
> great muppets)
> you learned how to count to ten in Spanish. If I had a kid,
> I'd rather
> read to them instead of setting them in front of the tube.
> ~kjs
> ps: I also wonder, why is everyone else I know or have known
> going mad, on
> medication, committing suicide, being incarcerated, pregnant, or being
> hospitalized on me? I thought Spring was a time of renewal and
> rejuvenation, not death and self-destruction. Uh, nevermind, thinking
> aloud again....