RE: virus: Matrix...and teletubbies

Zloduska (
Wed, 07 Apr 1999 23:42:58 -0500

SK wrote:
>Has NATO considered air-dropping millions of docile, fuzzy
>teletubbies on the Slovenian situation? Imagine if everyone were
>able to look deeeeep into those mesmerizing little plastic eye-balls?!
>how could they resist the lure? They would call it:
>"Operation: Love is in the Air"

I can already predict the outcome. NATO will happen to *miss* their targets once again, and most of the Teletubbies will be slaughtered. Horrified children and parents everywhere. Those that aren't killed by "friendly fire" will be carted off in box cars like chattel and then used to feed the thousands of Albainian refugees in Eastern Europe.

Sickening quote for the day:

"The barbarian logic of American bombs would lead us to think of scalping those three [captive American soldiers]," secretary Anica Jovanovic, 42, said through an interpreter. "But we'll show Clinton that we are much more civilized than he is."


More Irony: The root of the word "Milosevic", "mil-" or "milo" means "Love" in Czech.

I'd start ranting and raving about this tragedy, but I fear my voice would be drowned out by gun fire and the tumult of bombs.