RE: virus: The Matrix [spoilers]

Sodom (
Mon, 5 Apr 1999 12:39:09 -0400

Well, Kristee, it's the same old tale. One pill (the red one) will reveal the truth of reality to the person, the other (blue pill) will obliterate it completely and let the person live in the fantasy world.

I'll take the red pill.


P.S. I just got back from five days in AZ, so I have missed a lot of posts, Ill try to catch up, but will probably just start from here.

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> KMO wrote:
> >I'd take the red pill. How could I not?
> >David McFadzean wrote:
> >> > Just got back from seeing it. Indeed, it is the state of
> the art new
> >> > myth. It is a most lucid snapshot of the wired
> zeitgeist. It is da Bomb
> >>
> >> So, knowing what you know now, would you take the red pill or the
> >> blue pill? :-)
> Uh, could you fill the rest of us (perhaps only myself) in on
> this? Being
> as out of touch with pop culture as I am, I'm the last to know these
> things. (Not trying to sound like a snob here, I just mean
> that I didn't
> know what a Teletubbie(?) was or who Kenneth Starr is until
> only recently,
> yet I know when the Jacobites are touring 27 months ahead of time.) I
> probably won't see the Matrix until it comes out on video.
> ~kjs