RE: virus: another viewpoint...

Sodom (
Wed, 7 Apr 1999 09:04:07 -0400

>Tinkerer said:
> IT! (evil grin)

oh my, thats pretty harsh!!!

As a small bit of evidence in favor of our news coverage, there was extensive coveraage of some bombs that missed their mark yesterday on NPR and CNN. I guess a bunch of civilians were killed when some bomnbs missed the target by some 600 ft - taking out a residential area. There was no solid reason given for the bombs failure to hit their target. This is not quite as bad as in Iraq when we hit a bomb shelter and killed 500 in one go. My only point being - I think our news tries to be somewhat accurate and does not mind publicizing bad news.

> >Excellent work Tinkerer - it is really cool to get to see
> this mail. It's
> >also strange - So many Americans, including just about
> everyone I know of
> >here at the CoV, is ashamed of some of the things our
> country has done -
> >including some of the things she mentions. Each one of us
> would stand up and
> >complain loudly at our own government without fear of
> reprisal if they were
> >to commit heinous crimes like those mentioned below. I suppose our
> >"demokracy" is not what she thinks it is.
> "[demokracy] is imperfect, but its the best form of
> government we have"

For us anyways.

Bill Roh