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Excellent work Tinkerer - it is really cool to get to see this mail. It's also strange - So many Americans, including just about everyone I know of here at the CoV, is ashamed of some of the things our country has done - including some of the things she mentions. Each one of us would stand up and complain loudly at our own government without fear of reprisal if they were to commit heinous crimes like those mentioned below. I suppose our "demokracy" is not what she thinks it is.

Besides, we are the most cleaver ;)

Bill Roh

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> >Where did you get this from? It reeks of propaganda.
> Slovenia has always
> >had a strong ethic identity and is a separate nation-state
> now. I find it
> >hard to believe an ethnic Solvenian would be as likey to
> call the Serbians
> >"my people."
> the bob and myra to whom the e-mail was addressed are friends our my
> mother. i read the letter from my mothers email (she showed
> me it) and
> forwarded it to myself... i then forwarded it to this list.
> i believe
> that she is a serbian in slovenia. i dont know what to make of the
> letter... it does reek of proganda (in our eyes), and yet american
> viewpoints also reek of propaganda...
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