virus: another perspective (a 2nd letter from her)

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Tue, 06 Apr 1999 16:29:15 -0400

>Dear Myra,
>When I was reading your letter, it was like I was watching CNN and
>Kristiane Amanpour, reporting from Bosnia or now from Albania. I have always
>thought that educated people think with their own head. That was why I
>visited England , France, Germany, America and many other countries, to see
>the reality with my own eyes. I have never taken for absolute truth anything
>seen on TV or written in newspapers.
>The question is how much Americans are able to see the reality in some other
>country, when you have been "feed up", from the day you were born, and for
>the rest of your life, that you are the best in the world, that you are
>cleverest, that only you have demokracy in the whole world, e.t.c.. That is
>a very sick ideology which the rest of the world doesn`t "buy" it. Talking
>about demokracy, you haven` t got such thing. You live in getto and you hear
>and see only what your goverment wants you to hear and see .
> In 1975 when I first came to your hous, Bob told me that he knew nothing
>about Yugoslavia and when he opened the enciclopedia he found almost
>nothing. The only thing that was written there was that the partizans were
>fighting against the Hitler and Ustashes and Chetniks pro Hitler in WW II.
>Seems to me that since then, you haven`t learn a thing about my country.
>All these past years you have clamed that you were my friend. But that is a
>lie. Being somebodys friend is not a dead word on a paper . It`s much, much
>more. How can you clame that you are my friend when you don`t know anything
>about me, my people, my country and you coldly say that U.S. and NATO have
>"moral" obligation to kill. Who gave the right to U.S. to be the worlds
>policeman and force the other people to live your sick, emoral way of life?
>Everything you have said in your letter about "ethnic cleansing" and
>"genocide" is a big, fat lie made by the American and the British media
>long before everything had started. In your "great" and "demokratic" country
>you have institutions , established by the goverment, which is the main
>task to fabricate and spread the lies about individuals, groups, the whole
>nations and countries all over the world. They admit that they are not
>interested in the truth but only in bussnies. They fabricated many horrible
>events in Bosnia about the Serbs and they still do.
>As you are sensitive about the Jews, I am as much sensitive about my people.
>Serbs, in their 15 hunderd years of history on this ground, have never
>been the agressors. It has been the opposite. They had to fight through the
>history to keep their land free. Till this very day , the Serbs suffered
>from genocide and ethnic cleansing for cenuries. The Turks had been doing
>that for four hunderd years, killing the men, raping the women, taking their
>small male children from the families to Istambul ( known as "tax in
>blood" ), bringing them up as Turkmen. One of the bigest Sultans were
>originaly the Serbs. That is why we have Muslims among us . These were the
>Serbs who had taken Islam as religion. After the Turks, came Austria in the
>World War I and Germany in the World War II. But the bigest ethnic cleansing
>has been done by the Croats in the World War II and in the latest war in
>Croatia nad Bosnia. During the World War II, the Croats proclamed
>independent state of Croatia which was on the Hitler`s side until his
>capitulation in 1945. As costitutional nation hundreds of thousends of Serbs
>have lived there for centuries. But the nacionalist, pro Nazi Croat
>goverment didn`t want them to live there any more. They wanted to "clean"
>Croat country. As Hitler did in Germany, they opened a concentracion camp in
>Jasenovac for Serbs. Thosands of Serbs were killed there in the most
>monsterous way. The Nazis admited that they had never been so cruel as the
>Ustashes(Croats movement at the time) were to the Serbs. Many Jews were
>killed there too. In this latest war after the secessions of Slovenia and
>Croatia more than 700.000 of Serbs were driven out of Croatia and western
>Bosnia. They still live in Yugoslavia as fugitives. Over 10.000 of their
>houses were mined and burnt to the ground so the Serbs would have no place
>to go back. Two days ago we heard on TV from Mr. Remsi Clark, previous
>General Prosecutor in Kennedy`s goverment, who has spent last several days
>in Yugoslavia to see all the damage your "brave" Army has been doing to us,
>that was the Americans who asked from Croats to kick the Serbs out as soon
>as possible. That is why the Americans gave all possible logistic help to
>the Croats to do so. The last ethnic cleansing of Serbs is being done by the
>exsremist Albanians on Kosovo. Armed by America (that Mrs. Albright openly
>admited in Paris talks) they started to kill our citizens at the villages
>through out the Kosovo, then the policemens and our soldiers on the
>Albanian border. Penalty for killing policeman in America is death.
>According to you , we have no right neither to search for them nor to punish
>them because they are under your protection. What a double standards!
>Let me tell you something about your history. It starded with ethnic
>cleansing and genocide. When England expelled it's criminals to a new
>continents America and Australia, the first thing they did was the killing
>of native inhabitans. They had exterminated millions of Indians and took
>their land. Those few who survived were put in to reservations as animals,
>where they remaned till today drunk and without any perspective. What to
>tell about the fact, that the "great" Americans went to Africa hunting the
>Africans as animals and bringing them to America to work for them as slaves
>without a name , payment or any right as a human being what so ever for
>hundreds of years. They still have no rights as the white man do, they can
>still be killed as animals . What about the concentracion camps during the
>World War II, for those American citizens who were unlucky to be born as
>German or Yapaneeze. What about two atomic bombs thrown over on Hiroshima
>and Nagasaki, killing thousands of inocent people. You should try them on
>your people. What were you looking for in Korea, and what about Vietnam one
>of the bigest disgrace for American people. American`s history has been full
>of blood of inocent people all over the world. You can be only ashamed of
>it. There is absolutely no thing in your history to be proud of . You even
>killed two of your Presidents. Shamelessly, you keep spreading blood and
>deasaster all over the planet. You ruined South and Middle America. The
>bigest drug dillers are your politicions and the CIA agents. You are on the
>terrorists side because the Albanien`s drug maphia is the bigest in Europe
>and their bosses are in America.
>Let me remind you what happened in 1979 during my last visit to you. When we
>went to town by the subway you told me to take Lauren`s hand firmly and
>keep her close to me. It had been some agitation against the Jews at that
>time and two days earlier sombody pushed a man who was a Jew under the train
>. I am sure that you as a Jew are not safer today as you were in 1979. I can
>not understand you defending such mad, sick and destroing policy of the man
>who is a shame and disgrace for his family, for his country and the whole
>Maybe, one day you will realize that you were mistaken, but then it wouldn`t
>matter to me any more.