RE: virus: another viewpoint...

the great tinkerer (
Tue, 06 Apr 1999 18:01:00 -0400

>Excellent work Tinkerer - it is really cool to get to see this mail. It's
>also strange - So many Americans, including just about everyone I know of
>here at the CoV, is ashamed of some of the things our country has done -
>including some of the things she mentions. Each one of us would stand up and
>complain loudly at our own government without fear of reprisal if they were
>to commit heinous crimes like those mentioned below. I suppose our
>"demokracy" is not what she thinks it is.

"[demokracy] is imperfect, but its the best form of government we have"

we all can point fingers and say the government owns her mind, the media owns my your mind, propaganda! she's wrong, your wrong... kill the messanger (::ducks head::) PROPAGANDA!

even if everything she says is true, she still doesnt show any reason why we waste so much time and money bombing them. because were evil and ruled by adolph clinton? does she even consider our side of the argument? if what is going on in kosovo is not what the media SAYS it is... then what is it? they MUST be kicking the albanians from their homes. and i hope to hear their reasoning some day...
and we SHOULD send in ground troops, not to stop the serbian army or to stop milosivik's plans, but because there are 500000 people who *were removed* (passively) from their homes. the reasons ive heard for our bombing them have been weak... but i suppose you gotta send the right message to the masses! but really, enough newscasts... lets stop being so *nice* (just bombing) to a country thats not willing to meet us halfway. THATS OUR DEMOKRACY! LIVE WITH IT SERBIA, OR DIE BECAUSE OF IT! (evil grin)

~the great tinkerer