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One more round...

>I agree, and I do NOT revert back to that. Were you making a
generalization? Rather, I think, protect the men from ME! I don't feel physically unequal just because I'm not as strong as most men. I'm still equipped to intimidate others and defend myself.<

And that's what your platform should be. The rapists and such are the weak ones.

>"Self-righteous"? No, I don't think so. I'm not an ignoramus, either.
What do you think is the common element in all human beings?<

Look up the meaning. To the degree that you judge others as being "bad" is the degree that you judge yourself as being "good".

>Wrong, I don't have the qualities of a televangelist. What personal gain
do I have (other than emotional) for empathizing with rape victims?<

You've made 'Woman' your alter-ego. You feel raped when it happens to any woman. That's probably why you didn't have much of an emotional response when you heard it happened to me.

You *know* I am not a racist or a
sexist, and I know it better than anyone else, although you like to accuse me of being one.

You sure you're not a sexist? Positive?

>I'd rather be dead than be raped, personally.<

And why is that?

>To me, there is no justice in this case. There is no way to redeem
yourself other than to NOT do it. There is no pay back for raping someone, because you cannot ever UN-rape them. There is no fresh start or erasing of the crime for the victim; why should there be for the perpetrator?<

And thus, the world's problems arise...including ALL wars.

Oh man. This does *not* compare. I never said I was perfect, or that I had never been hurtful to someone. So what if I told a lie to a friend five years ago and they found out? It doesn't matter.

It's not the finding out, it's the act of lying (although, lying isn't always wrong). Why don't you think it matters?

>We are talking about sexism and rape here, and just because I
may have made mistakes in my life<

Oh, when you do them they're "mistakes". I see.

I am not guilty of the us/them meme.

How can you be so sure? The brainwashed do not know they are brainwashed.

And please don't tell me to go see "Dead Man Walking" to change my life.

Have you seen it? What was wrong with it? I was actually thinking of "The Crossing Guard". *gag* You know, I believe the time has come to stop making excuses for criminals, such as, "Oh, they are human, and you have sinned too."

And why should we not see them as human? Why should we not realize our own "sinfulness"? Because it would be to painful to look at?

>>There you go again. You're good, I'm bad.
>>I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't live a life that one can be proud of.

>Oh yes, I am filled with shame...not.<

I'm wondering why you identified with "anyone who doesn't live a life that one can be proud of".

>You know, I'm glad things worked out so well for you, and it is resolved.
Generally, this is not the case.<

But it can be.

> A lot of people do not want to forgive
their attacker, and choose not to. I can understand this also.<

Because of the us/them meme.

>You must realize that for most sexual-assault survivors, they are screwed up for the
rest of their life, and they do indeed suffer every single day.<

Needlessly. And because of the rhetoric that you, and others like you, spout. When you turn them (rapists) into monsters, it makes rape that much MORE repulsive and incomprehensible. It becomes even MORE difficult to overcome.

>And as for

the attacker, if they have it so damn bad, then why, oh why do they repeatedly do it again and again, or else never admit to their crime?<

Don't you think that's bad? To be stuck in cycle where you treat others around you as objects for ego gratification? How do you feel when you're overly selfish?

not a simple cause-and-effect reason that makes people rape, as in they are in pain, and so they inflict in on someone else. They do it because they _can_, and there is no flimsy excuse.

Do you do things because you _can_? Why not, if you agree they are just as human as you are?

>Why adopt a passive, apathetic attitude like that?<

It's not pathetic, it's level 3 <snigger>

Then why all the other "lighten up" remarks? I feel that I have no medium-intensity notch that I can adjust to suit the comfort of others. If I take something seriously, then that is all there is to it. That is why my buttons are pressed so easily. Understand?

>>It doesn't turn me off. But I know from hearing others that it doesn't win
much sympathy.

>What if I don't want sympathy- just results?<

Sympathy wins results, silly.

>>I don't put them in the "helpless victim" category.

>Neither do I; that is the _opposite_ of what I do!<

Is that right? Haven't noticed.

>Before using that firm voice of yours, I think you better get more
acquainted with the >common elements between you and a perpetrator of ghastly crimes such as rape. >You might be shocked to find your not a different animal after all.

>Next you're going to be telling me I'm experiencing "cognitive dissonance".
I don't think I'm a different animal from any other human being. Or different from many (non-human) animals; I feel a close kinship to them.<

Even to rapists? You said "any other human being".

>Basically, we cannot agree because I think your statement about the
suffering of rapists, and your seemingly 'light' view of rape is wrong. Also, your belief is destructive to fighting sexual violence.<

Yeah, lets make it a real 'heavy' view so that the suffering women can *really* suffer. Let's tell them that rape is so bad that they shouldn't go on living. Just grab a gun and exit.


"One way of getting an idea of our fellow-countrymen's miseries is to go and look at their pleasures." --George Eliot

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