Re: virus: A simple question

Eduardo Mauro (
Sat, 20 Feb 1999 18:59:10 -0300

>You describe my significant other perfectly. She was brought up in Georgia
>and lived in Russia. Both her parents were atheists and she was never
>exposed to any religious works. She finds the whole idea of gods and

But was she exposed to the failures of the religion? Her parents criticized religion in front of her?
This is quit different.

>they really can't help themselves. She had never read a bible or qur'An
>until she tried reading some of mine - and finds them artificial,
>silly and not well enough written to maintain her attention. This from a

Worst of it is that millions of people guide their lives in such a way to conform to these books.
Books written by people that even couldnīt understant what is wind. And few people make millions of dollars misleding other people and interpreting the words in the best suited manner for their interests.

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