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>> >>And you, evil man, have rudely taunted the saint and put us
>> all in danger.
>> Next Christmas, Santa just might not put out if you persist
>> in your evil ways,
>> you logic nazi!!!!!! You are surely in league with the
>> Grinch. In fact, I
>> think he has merely been your henchman all along. He only
>> wanted to steal
>> Christmas once or twice, you are hell bent on destroying the
>> gentle saint for
>> good!
>> ;-I
>> -Jake<<
>> Santa must die. All his irrational, culturally inferior followers and
>> supporters, must cease and desist or suffer the same fate, in
>> order to make
>> way for the superior culture.
>> -Ueber Mensch
>ROFL at both of you. Very funny. Beware or I will taunt him again already!
>I don't think I care whether Santa puts out or not, but those cute teen
>elves (elvesses?) that he has hanging around in so many of the pictures
>could tempt a eunuch if they were putting out.
>Are we seeing a proliferation of Logic Nazi's here? In that case, while we
>are having fun, "shurely" that should be ‹bermensch? Or don't supermen need
>to know how to spell?
>DasHermit (picking his teeth while practicing to play the role of Unter

You know, of course, that fundamentalist xtians have long had their suspicians about the red-suited man, pointing out that the letters in Santa can be arranged to spell...well...could it be...SATAN!!? Joe E. Dees
Poet, Pagan, Philosopher

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