Re: virus: A simple question

Eduardo Mauro (
Sat, 20 Feb 1999 18:48:47 -0300

>It was pretty easy to understand both these writings, I accept them as the
>writings of bad people, the Idea of a God is a lot less appealing and much
>possible when made in man's image. so no. It was just easier to tear them

>From you answer I extract that if you have an education about science and
skeptics, you have the necessary tools to refute such ideas like religion and god. But suppose you donīt have them either. It will religion be a valid option?

I am also atheist. And a radical one. But all my family are catholic, and you can imagine what is this in latin american country. In my childhood I was afraid of God. And my parents wasnīt in science. But more I learned about science, history and the way humans are more I doubted it. The fact that I donīt believe in religion anymore, which I undertstand sometimes is necessary and suportive, came from my education, which was most influenced from other people than my parents, or a failure in the transmission of idea?

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