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You describe my significant other perfectly. She was brought up in Georgia and lived in Russia. Both her parents were atheists and she was never exposed to any religious works. She finds the whole idea of gods and religion confusing and silly. I wont bother to tell you what she thinks of the "religious" people we have met here in America. She can't understand why I bother to waste time discussing religion here. She just doesn't see the discussion as useful, given that "religious people are hardly likely to change your mind, and why should you care if you change theirs or not." A very sensible attitude IMO. She does not understand why people buy into religion although she understands that when they are brainwashed as children they really can't help themselves. She had never read a bible or qur'An until she tried reading some of mine - and finds them artificial, illogical, silly and not well enough written to maintain her attention. This from a lady who really enjoys Boccaccio's Decameron and the works of Shakespear and Chaucer so it is not as if she is English illiterate and as she reads philosophy textbooks for amusement, it is not as if she has no patience either :-).


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> This is my first message in this list. I apologize if my
> English is not good
> enough.
> I have a question and I would like to hear some comments.
> Suppose a child is growth without any trace of religion, that is, his
> parents do the utmost to not mention it and keep him free of external
> influences. When he become adult, a book about religion is
> given to him.
> What do you think will happen? He will understand it? Accept
> it? Find God an
> appealing idea?
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