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Tue, 16 Feb 1999 17:01:24 PST

I think we're confusing definitions here. Everyone has one world view. That worldview may radically change over time or expand to accomodate conflicting elements (or elements that only seem to conflict) but it seems to me that to pretend to have more than one worldview is to pretend to be living more than one life. (Those who are schoolteachers by day and hookers by night are exempt from the one-worldview-per-person rule. We love you, Mary Kay.)

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>I find that the clearer I am about my life purpose, the less frequently
>fulfillment of it fits into one worldview.
>Richard Brodie
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>Jake wrote:
>>Computer analogies, while useful, can be taken too far. The OS on my
>>computer, even if I change it, is still serving one purpose, my own.
As I
>>mentioned, I am capable of understanding other conflicting world
views, and
>>when necessary "functioning" within them, but even in so doing I am
>>serving the purposes of my own world view.
>I have no argument against this. Nor do I think it an argument against
>Brodie, myself, and others are saying.
>>There still has to be a greater context within which "switching"
>>made, even if that context is not programmed into the computer.
>I'll let Richard answer that one. He took the time to write a whole
book on
>the subject, after all.
>-Prof. Tim

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