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carlw (carlw@lisco.com)
Fri, 5 Feb 1999 00:44:35 -0600

Jesus is just like Sesame Street's Cookie Monster. He says that he loves people, but he just wants to steal all their cookies!

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I prefer biscuits myself <G>

Yours Etcetera,

John Lawson-Particle

|gods like atheists. somthing to aim at|

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Oh no, here I am
>again weaving human qualities, instead of separating them like many of
>my CoV mentors. Maybe the fervor comes from the fever of learning.
>do me a favor, don't call me a cookie.

Without emotion the study of memes would be of little use to us. Have a good day

And whats wrong with a Cookie every one loves them. All the different kinds
and shapes.

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