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I find that the clearer I am about my life purpose, the less frequently fulfillment of it fits into one worldview.

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Jake wrote:

>Computer analogies, while useful, can be taken too far. The OS on my
>computer, even if I change it, is still serving one purpose, my own. As I
>mentioned, I am capable of understanding other conflicting world views, and
>when necessary "functioning" within them, but even in so doing I am still
>serving the purposes of my own world view.

I have no argument against this. Nor do I think it an argument against what Brodie, myself, and others are saying.

>There still has to be a greater context within which "switching" decisions
>made, even if that context is not programmed into the computer.

I'll let Richard answer that one. He took the time to write a whole book on the subject, after all.

-Prof. Tim