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> I thought that the Virian Council idea might be worthy of it's own
> thread, so I started one.
> I think the idea of a Virian council should be seriously thought out for
> many reasons.
> 1> Hierarchical structure will help accomplish some of the tasks that,
> with organization and specific responsibility, the CoV could accomplish
> 2> This group can deal with the every day issues that more casual
> participants might simply ignore.
> 3> This group can help to eliminate problem makers
> 4> This group can perform a lot of the regular maintenance of our web
> info - and help David, who certainly has a life outside of the board.
> 5> Vote on Saints and other issues
> 6> Provide a "role model" position for newness, or those that are slow
> to grasp some of the basic issues
> So then, we need to decide on the amount of people, how they are
> elected, term length, etc... Are there CoVers besides Eric, Tim, myself
> and a few others that even want a council?
> Bill Roh
I believe that the strength of ideas should take precedence over any weight accorded to position; once a meme is public, nobody and everybody owns (and/or is owned by) it.