virus: Virian council and process

Sodom (
Thu, 24 Jun 1999 13:46:19 -0400

I thought that the Virian Council idea might be worthy of it's own thread, so I started one.

I think the idea of a Virian council should be seriously thought out for many reasons.

1> Hierarchical structure will help accomplish some of the tasks that, with organization and specific responsibility, the CoV could accomplish 2> This group can deal with the every day issues that more casual participants might simply ignore.
3> This group can help to eliminate problem makers 4> This group can perform a lot of the regular maintenance of our web info - and help David, who certainly has a life outside of the board. 5> Vote on Saints and other issues
6> Provide a "role model" position for newness, or those that are slow to grasp some of the basic issues

So then, we need to decide on the amount of people, how they are elected, term length, etc... Are there CoVers besides Eric, Tim, myself and a few others that even want a council?

Bill Roh