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Sun, 20 Jun 1999 18:01:51 +0100

In message <000801bebb1f$cd4230c0$>, Eric Boyd <> writes
>David McFadzean <> writes:
>This seems to imply that the purpose is somehow separate from all
>memes. Does the idea of Level 3 depend on this assumption? What if
>purpose can be chosen consciously and/or transmitted memetically?
>Where would that leave Level 3?
>It's even worse than that, David. If Blackmore is right and
>'consciousness' or 'the self' is an illusion (a story we tell
>ourselves because it benefits our memes) then level 3 is nothing less
>than complete self deception

Quote from The Meme Machine, p238:
Note that my view... departs from Dennett's. For him "Human consciousness is itself a huge complex of memes (or more exactly, memeeffects in brains)" [cite omitted]... By contrast, I suggest that the user illusion obscures and distorts consciousness. Ordinary human consciousness is indeed constrained by the selfplex, but it does not have to be. There are other ways of being conscious. [endquote]

As a Buddhist, SB implicitly believes in level 3.

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