Re: virus: FAQ: question (a) - Level 3

Eric Boyd (
Sun, 20 Jun 1999 12:27:04 -0400


Richard Brodie <> writes: <<
Eric, I really think you're taking this whole memetics thing too seriously. It's like people who want to pass their hand through a solid wall because they know that physics tells them it's mostly empty space. There's a real wall, and there's a real consciousness.

Actually it's not the memetics that is at the core of this -- it's the brain studies which I find so compelling as a falsification of level 3. If you haven't I recommend you read Blackmores last two chapters -- and then explain to me how 'consciousness' can be valid if it occurs *half a second* after the readiness potential is present. (i.e. if your brain begins to 'act' half a second before you 'choose' to do so).

Memetics is only the final clincher -- it explain *why* the brain and it's meme's evolved to give us this Cartesian Theatre: for the benefit of the memes. A meme which gets us to identify with it has an enormous advantage over a meme which does not. (and it is that advantage which "level 3" summarizes)