virus: happy bloomsday

psypher (
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 10:36:26 -0400 (EDT)

...howdy folks, I just thought I'd poke my head out of the woodwork
where I've been hiding lately to wish you all a Happy Bloomsday. I've also got a question for anyone here proficient in German -

...I first noticed it about 6 months ago while leafing through the
Utne reader, then it popped up in Harpers and a few other places before trickling down into more pop-culture venues. Now it's turned up in a friend of mine who has little or no contact with the printed word. I speak of the prefix "uber" as in

"that girl is ubercute!", I'm more or less familiar with what it means [having read my
nietzsche] but I'm hoping there's a German speaker out there who can provide a more comprehensive translation than I've been able to cobble together...

...and incidentally, anyone with a bit of time to spare might be
interested in reading an article I've got online at the moment - it's at

go to the current issue and scroll down the table of contents until you see "the shitworkers manifesto" by overload and that's my screed this month. retiring back to the shadows, yours truly...

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