Re: virus: FAQ: question (j) - UTism

James Veverka (
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 11:25:15 -0400 (EDT)

The esteemed Professor appropriated:

>"People not in our group, or with
>unfamiliar features, are "THEM"--and we
>are naturally more inclined to find fault
>and to place blame on "THEM" than we
>do on "US". However, we all realize
>upon reflection that UTism leads inevitably
>to oversimplifications and generalization
>and does NOT accurately represent reality.
>As such, habitual UTism should be
>avoided when at all possible." -Prof. Tim

So UTism is a level 2 geneticly based zenophobic memeplex......

It seems as if the press, pundits, and the pols have exacerbated the UTism through there scrutinizations and criticisms. Through it's praise and worship. Through its demagogery or damnation. Every set of beliefs has it's leader that is used in such a fashion as to caricature and distort the groups associated and only marginally related groups.

Are all Christians fundies?
Are all of the environmentally sensitive chicken littles? Are all feminists radical?
Are all Muslims Shites
Are all republicans gun-loco and anti-abortion? Are all protestants like Bob Barr?
Are all inmates "criminals"?
Are all pot smokers lazy?

On and on and on and on.
In the democracies political and social discourses boldly insinuate UTism into the issues. It is always in terms of an expediant and compulsory FOR or AGAINST. Every issue has the voice of chicken little. Pragmatism has little or no voice. There is a thriving business in self replicating polarizations and positional absolutism in both social and political war zones. No leaders dare budge for fear of losing the magnetism associated with the polarization; the votes if one does not adhere to the unequivocal clarity of the absolutism. Citizens can cling easily to these simplistic UTist polarizations and satisfy the need to fit into an ideolgical US.

All this garbage seeps down into our families, churches, community organizations, and our educational facilities. ECH!

Here in NH, 37% of the electorate is registered as Independants. ( & we have no income tax or sales taxes except a Room and Meals Tax). You have heard things about the libertarian spirit here and it is true. Independants are the biggest voting block in the state. (we have a fiscally conservative, no taxes, socially liberal governor, Jeanne Shaheen). I hope that this trend continues worldwide because the level of independants in society reflect the fruits of victory in the war against intolerance, moral absolutism and UTism............jim

at least it seems that way!