virus: Operation Joint Guardian

James Veverka (
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 09:54:03 -0400 (EDT)


KFOR deployment remains on schedule. All Brigades are now established in their initial locations throughout Zone I and are poised to move into Zone II. KFOR Forward HQ is operational in South West Pristina. 5th (UK) Airborne Brigade remains in place at LIPLJAN. Elements of the 4th (UK) Armoured Brigade have moved north to PODUJEVO and the exit "Gate 3" at the Kosovo border specified in the Military Technical Agreement.

The German 12th Armoured Brigade continues to operate out of Prizren. It is now beginning to expand north. It has also established a border control point. The Italian Garibaldi Brigade is operating out of its HQ in PEC and is administering the border crossing at MORINA. US units in Task Force Falcon have arrived at GNJILANE where they are relieving French forces. The French Framework Brigade is beginning to move into Zone II. A Greek company has now arrived in STIMLJE and will be joined by the remainder of the battalion today.

The withdrawal of Serb forces has continued well in the last 24hrs. Large convoys of Serb vehicles continue to exit Kosovo. Serbs forces are now essentially out of Zone I, although delays continue to be experienced due to traffic congestion along limited traffic lines. We assess that there are few VJ/MUP forces remaining in Zone II.