Re: virus: Pill cures religious belief

Eric Boyd (
Sun, 13 Jun 1999 20:13:15 -0400


James Veverka <> writes: <<

For a full report and analysis you can contact the English Association of Chemists E.A.C UK and ask for a written paper.

Scientific Journal of Pharmacy- Vol 5:6
A scientific breakthrough in the treatment of schizophrenia has caused outrage in the church community.

Great story, James. However, 10 minutes of net searching has all but convinced me that it's fake. Pfizer's web page has nothing on the new drug. Neither the English Association of Chemists nor the Scientific Journal of Pharmacy have any presence on the 'net (if in fact they exist). The drug name 'Sanizac' actually yields *zero* references in all 34 search engines that I checked. (WebFerret is a sweet search tool...) I had thought that to be impossible!

As much as I like the story, is it possible that this is another Urban Legend?