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Eric Boyd (
Sun, 13 Jun 1999 19:24:07 -0400


Wade T.Smith <> writes: <<
I just found 'apothegm'. I like it better than 'maxim'.

Main Entry: ap·o·thegm
Pronunciation: 'a-p&-"them
Function: noun
Etymology: Greek apophthegmat-, apophthegma, from apophthengesthai to speak out, from apo- + phthengesthai to utter Date: circa 1587
: a short, pithy, and instructive saying or formulation : APHORISM - ap·o·theg·mat·ic /"a-p&-theg-'ma-tik/ adjective

It is also probably related to apotheosis -- (1) a perfect example or (2) elevation to the rank of a God.

Good word, but I think it's too obscure to be used.