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> ... or "redundant self-replication".
> ps... I know what I know
You don't know Jack Shit, and re-prove the point with every post.
> (Oh, and why is it that the pseudo-logical rebuttals you come-up with,
> Joe, repeatedly show your bias and hatred for "believers" rather than
> being reasoned responses or knowledgeable counter-examples?)
I live in the buckle of the Bible Belt, Brettster; I've met your self- righteous moralizing type, and insanely absolutist type. As a NOW escort at a Pensacola abortion clinic, I watched as a group of Good Fundamentalist Christians (Southern Baptists and Assembly of God-ers) gathered in a circle and prayed to Sweet Jesus to take me, RIGHT THEN, by NAME, because I stood between them and the pregnant women they were trying to beat oner the heads with their fetus picture placards. You would be such a person.
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