virus: Fractal Art '98 winners

Eric Boyd (
Mon, 7 Jun 1999 16:31:05 -0400

Hi virians,

You simply have to see these images to believe how beautiful they are... beware, not for those with slow connections...

My personal favorites are

"Alien Blood"

Earl Hinrichs
First Place: Best Use of Color


Dan Newport
Third Place: Best Use of Color

"Butterflies in Flight"

Cindy Mitchell
Third Place: Most Whimsical Fractal

"Fractal Chain Mail"

Earl Hinrichs
Second Place: Best Mechanical Device

"Deep Water Tropical Fish"

Regina Helena Kucharska
Third Place: Best Animal or Human Shape


Angela Wilczynski
First Place: Best FractInt Fractal
(six stars here)

"My Latest Favorite"

Linda Allison
Third Place: Best Non-FractInt Fractal

"The Magic of Gradients"

Tarina Berger
Third Place: Best Post-Processed Fractal


Thomas Middelkoop
First Place: Best Strange Attractor