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We have seen many people, not just Joe, spending time and effort attempting to discuss things logically with you. Unfortunately, it rapidly became apparent that responding to your posts was an utter waste of time. You seem to choose to use a private language that nobody else shares; abusing English without even a shudder. You seem to have chosen to eshew reason in favour of insanity and you have ignore reasoned reponses while persisting in vomiting your own brand of inanity over the CoV maillist.
For reasonable and reasoning people one uses debate and reasoned logic. For idiots, one uses the language of the nursery. For Nazis, baseball bats are appropriate. Nobody bothers with believers until they make public asses of themselves. You have done so and persist in doing so despite having had this explained to you in language that even a hippopotamus would understand (and believe me, even if they have tiny brains they have very thick hides), but you seem to be so thick-skinned and stupid that you would put a retarded hippopotamus to the blush. People, including Joe, are simply responding to your stupidity, bigotry and psychotic ranting in what seems to be an appropriate fashion. Why are you surprised? Why are you whining? Why are you here?


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... or "redundant self-replication".

ps... I know what I know

(Oh, and why is it that the pseudo-logical rebuttals you come-up with, Joe, repeatedly show your bias and hatred for "believers" rather than being reasoned responses or knowledgeable counter-examples?)

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