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> Seems Joe's understanding of "technology" would be equally (or BETTER)
> applied to the term "industry" and related to "industrialization"
> (though, again, *industry*, implying "work", is none other than applied
> force and so does not seem to REQUIRE conscious intent).
Industry is the use of technology for the purpose of mass production, typically involving cooperative human effort, assembly lines and interchangeable parts.
> Joe's assertion that technology is "founded" upon a SERIES of
> experiments doesn't apply to the logical inception of science itself
> (What knowledge base, and what experiments are the foundation for the
> scientific process?); similarly, what "series" of technological
> manifestations forms the basis for a technology to manifest?
The most basic is the coordination of actions with perceptions which occurs at the sensorimotor stage of infant maturation and development.
> That is, IS science a "technology" (as per Wade's definition, for
> example)? If so, by what "non" technology does this technology arise?
No, technology involves specific instantiations of general scientific principles.
> Finally, I have yet to see a logical argument (by Joe, or others) which
> suggests that "self-will"-- what Joe describes as a type of "conscious
> intention" that is related to Godelian complexity-- is the basis for
> technology (and/ or that this type of logical action is limited to what
> is termed "human").
Without self-consciousness, there can be no intentionality, for thare can never be an "I" which intends. When intentions are unrealizable by the unaided body of the intender, material mediations are used to extend the scope and range of the body's efficacy. The modification of natural objects to more efficiently perform such intended functions is the beginning of technology. As far as we have been able to ascertain, there is no nonhuman terrestrial life form (with the bare and marginal exception of the great apes) which posesses the degree of self-reference necessary to form and carry out the intention to design and manufacture such tools.
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