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> I have stated that, as I believe, words come to be defined a certain way
> because definitions (meaning) is "defined" (or prescribed) by objective
> characteristics.
And not Brettsterian delusions, confusions and whims.
> At least, one should observe, that if a word FAILS to
> apply to reality (when the understanding of it is applied TO reality);
> then, the word is useless for communicating ideas.
Most of your words fall within this category.
>Thus, merely taking
> the "meaning" of a word from the context of other (thereby inherently
> meaningless) words seems a poor way to "define" it.
A sound is inherently and essentially meaningless. This means that any meaning we attach to it when we label a particular sound a specific word is at root arbitrary and by intersubjective convention.
> This especially becomes tiresome if one is bound by an infinite regress
> of words to which one would strictly adhere such that EACH must then be
> defined in turn to support ones arguments.
This is known as the vicious semiotic web; definitions of definitions of... can proceed indefinitely. However if we take a language synchronically, as an interdependent and mutually defining whole, rather than unravelling a diachronic one-definition-after-another string, it all hangs together pretty cohesively.
> As such, statements like "MW
> says that apples are typically RED fruit (strictly a made-up example,
> don't go check)"-- when used as an argument against a statement like "I
> ate a green apple"-- are no more valid than the paper they are written
> upon... and certainly less valid than a logical exposition which
> supplies an ordered reasoning for WHY a word is such that it is and/or
> HOW such an understanding of the word helps one talk about complex
> issues.
There IS no why; words and their meanings are arbitrarily paired (except for onomatopoeic ones, like hiss for the sound a snake may make).
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