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Redundancy, self reference, self assertion, self affirmation, and empowered action (rather than chance action and contingent, paradoxical, forever unresolvable self-and-other REaction)...?

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> At the conclusion of a very thorough post was written:
> > The analogy to evolution is weak. Conscious direction of the process
> > makes the "evolution" of technology something rather different from
> > the evolution of organisms, or molecules.. it's hard enough to make
> > the analogy between memetic and biological evolution useful, despite
> > the (in my opinion) greater similarity..
> >
> > -Engan
> ...what is it, do you suppose, which differentiates the process of
> our consciousness from any other?
Dynamic interrelation and recursivity? Self(and other)-awareness, self(and other)-consciousness and self(and other)-reference?
> -psypher
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