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> <Matter/energy has, through evolution, breached the Godelian limits of
> complexity beyond which self-reference, in our case self consciousness,
> may emerge (and in fact has done so). The philosophical position is
> called emergent materialism.. Look it up and read on it.>
> Mr. Godel set a limit on matter/ energy and when we overcame his limit
> we became conscious? (Thus consciousness is no longer material... uh,
> don't think so).
Godel's limit is not on matter/energy itself, Brettster, but on the level of COMPLEXITYevolved in its dynamic patterns, beyond which recursion emerges. Self-consciousness is, after all, a recursion. It is consciousness of being conscious. Get it? Or do I have to drive William of Occam apoplectic and throw in a few gratuitous negations for you? "Mind" should be considered a verb, for 'minding' is what the brain DOES, and is dependent upon the brain for its existence. It is a self-and-other-referential informational matrix of matter/energy, which requires no magickal, mystical or nonmaterial elan vital for its emergence.
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