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> At 05:58 PM 29/05/99 -0500, Joe E. Dees wrote:
> >> You guys seem to be having some trouble with the dualistic nature of
> >> relationships between emergent systems. If we were discussing the nature of
> >> light, would one of you be saying "It's a particle!" and the other "It's a
> >> wave!"?
> >>
> >> Dan (better taste/less filling)
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> >The problem is not mine.
> Sorry, Joe. I was under the impression that you were asserting the absence
> of objective reality. I have to admit that I don't read all of a thread
> that Brett is involved in all of the time, so I might have missed something
> you said. I follow some of Brett's posts because the dynamics of a
> conversation with him mirrors the creative process I've discerned in the
> single human mind. I find the memetic correlate fascinating.
> Dan
My position is that there is such a thing as an objective reality, but we can only obtain incomplete knowledge of that reality based upon our subjective and intersubjective perceptions of it and the logical entailments we may extract from this information by assuming that whatever we perceive of the world has to be able to noncontradictorally blend with the rest which we do not perceive, as complementary aspects of a totality.