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> <<...(a such, we might also say that the technology of medicine
> necessitates replication).>>
> <No we may not. Geez, you're off-the-wall!>
> We DO say that a meme is that which causes itself to be replicated.
> If the meme, <medicine>, suggests an entity which causes itself to
> replicate; why then can we not say that the technology "medicine" is
> that by which the meme replicates... and also that <medicine>'s
> NECESSARY replication (by definition) thereby shows how a technology,
> (using "medicine" as an example), is similarly a thing which is conveys
> a necessity?
We can SAY anything; this does not magickally bequeath comprehensibility or sense upon it. What meaning could this word salad possibly have, particularly the phrase "is similarly a thing which is conveys a necessity"?
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