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> <Freedom> allows for <specialization> which allows for <life>. An
> awareness of life results in the ideal, "god" (or *individual*) and so
> <possession>, or "self awareness" (a representation of the aware self by
> which the self is aware of itself as such).
This is mystical bullus shittus, and I'm calling you on it. The moment you invoke deific myths, you have left both science and philosophy behind for mysticism.
> >From self-awareness arises <object permanence> which also institutes the
> individual AS an object within a group (tribe) and in a such a way that
> the individual becomes an artifact of the tribe.
Object permanence is the understanding that the object does not vanish just because you can no longer perceive it, in other words, that the object exists independent of one's awareness of it. This happens in the concrete operational stage of Piagetian genetic epistemology, at about the age of three. Is that where you are Brettster?
> The mechanization of object permanence by which the individual is either
> a permanent member of the tribe or, alternately, a thing which is
> SELF-possessed creates a safety issue within the tribe (whereby the
> individual who is self-aware is in danger-- at this stage of
> development-- from within the tribe-- of being relegated to a mere
> object, and so losing awareness).
An illicit juxtaposition of anthropology and psychology.
> >From this conflict between individual safety and tribal inclusion arises
> the technology of medicine (which suggests a mechanization by which the
> individual might institute the characteristic of tribal permanence
> through "self-objects" that he can possess).
This is sheer buffoonery.
> Indirectly, this re-enacts the initial state of "chaos" within which
> chance occurrences are created and destroyed so as to combine, separate,
> mix, and match (as allowed for by freedom from chance) to create an
> order (though at this stage, the order is called medicine).
Now you are openly advertizing your confusion, as well as your obsessive-compulsive billiard ball interpretation of human social evolution.
> This is to say that <medicine> is now a re-statement of the original
> technology, <freedom>. This further suggests that chance may destroy
> one's "health", or permanence within the tribe-- or even to cause one
> injury by the tribe... unless a world view is institutionalized by which
> the self is continually fortified through possession of tribal objects).
I wish that just once you had a clue what you ramble about.
> The characteristics of mixing, matching, combining, and separating
> emerge as a specialization called medicine which exists necessarily so
> as to replicate order by way of evolutionary specialization (<medicine>
> is a necessary enactment of the "evolutionary imperative" suggested by
> the technology of <freedom>).
And so passes another classically Brettsterian rambling and nonsensical meandering.
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