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> I do think that language is a tool. I do think there are objective
> truths. I do not think that subjectivity can be defined without
> reference to what is objective. I do think that language helps people
> communicate BECAUSE it refers to objects (and most likely in a direct
> way-- that is, the characteristics of objects control for and set the
> standards to which language, if it would speak about what is of a
> material nature, must conform... in as close to a 1:1 relationship as
> possible). I can imagine a perspective which might be called
> "intersubjective" (though again it must conform to the logical action of
> objects and so ultimately be based on what is objectively true-- no
> matter if confused individuals wilfully subject this truth to conform to
> their vanity). I do not think that the infinite regress of subjective,
> to intersubjective, to subjugated truth (lies) reflects the construction
> of language.
Objectivity cannot be delineated at all, and the intersubjective which the naive among us illicitly reify into an objective can only be constituted from a multipoicity of subjective perspectives. Language refers to every conceiveable entity, action and relation, not just objects. It is directed not at objects, nor does it issue from them; both its source and its destination are self-aware subjectivities.
> Freedom is a technology, justice is a spiritual quality, happiness, etc.
> are emotions; though emotions may become systematized to produce
> mechanizations for reinforcing them, mechanizations are similar to
> technologies excepting that mechanizations are contingencies and
> technologies necessities... though both mechanizations and technologies
> aspire toward spiritual ideals.
You sound like you construct everything as if it were all different patterns in a Lego set. Not so, Brettster!
> If you think that humans were formed by other than material means (and/
> or that consciousness is created non-objectively, or might refer to what
> is other than objective), then PLEASE tell me what this other substance
> is.
Matter/energy has, through evolution, breached the Godelian limits of complexity beyond which self-reference, in our case self consciousness, may emerge (and in fact has done so). The philosophical position is called emergent materialism.. Look it up and read on it.
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