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Joe, to attempt to correct something as error filled as this is, is an exercise in futility. There is a certain point, and in my opinion this farrago of nonsense is way, way, past it, where the errors are so egregious that to respond requires attempting to read through the faulty syntax, impossible linkages and blatantly illegitimate word usage and then to attempt to guess at the erroneous ideas behind it, in order to create a response. Some things are not worth correction. These threads fall into that class; where the noise level and inchoate thoughts behind them make your efforts futile. While you have made a valiant effort to correct the obvious philosophic and scientific errors, you need to get beyond this to the invalid world constructs being propagated. This would mean teaching the originator to communicate and think. Do you imagine that this is possible at this late stage in its arrested development?

While I would normally advocate a response to fallacies in order to prevent others from being led down the path of imagining that you approve of them, there has to be a point where common-sense tells even the neophyte that what they are looking at is not just nonsense but utter crap. If it looks like shit, smells like shit, feels like shit and you can see the animal walking away from its noxious emissions, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize that you don't need to put it to the taste-test to determine what it "really is". In the same way if the "philosopher" cannot write a sensible sentence and preaches a gospel of insanity, ignoring all the years mankind has expended developing rational thought and analytic techniques, is it really necessary to waste so much time on it?

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