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> What is wrong with the example provided by <medicine> (the technology
> for replicating "medicine" the idea) as this might be contrasted from
> "medicine" (the science of healing)? NOTE: The science re-defines the
> perspective by which health is dispensed but the *technology* is about
> the evolution of health (to which the science conforms-- but which is
> not open, itself, to modification)*.
Medical sciences, such as anatomy, biochemistry, endocrinology, neurology, human genetics, etc., are sepapate from the medicines, implements and machines their practitioners use, which can properly be called medical technology.
> Similarly, the technology of freedom is about emergent *order* (as in
> "freedom from chance"... sorry this use seems somehow contrary to your
> understanding of what the term freedom denotes). You are right, it is
> not a good example, too abstract (except that I had hoped that as an
> example it would help make an important point-- that a technology is not
> affected by the products of it).
It is contrary to a rational and reasonable understanding of it. A canned coke is the product of a coke manufacturing and canning factory. While the existence of the product is dependent upon the existence of the factory, they are clearly different things (hard to swallow those factories, Brettster; they don't go down easy!).
> *memetics as a force for replication (as exemplified by a particular
> idea, ie "medicine", and the technology for implementing this idea, ie
> the meme <medicine>) seems to necessitate that the meme may not be both
> available for modification and also replicable as a distinct entity (a
> such, we might also say that the technology of medicine necessitates
> replication).
No we may not. Geez, you're off-the-wall!
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