Re: virus: [Fwd: Philosophical True Confessions]

Brett Robertson (
Fri, 28 May 1999 22:12:14 -0500 (EST)

"Blaming" relativity, intersubjectivity, and interpersonal perspectives
on women is probably going too far. These are also often an indication of ideals related to society, socialization, and more generally
"people". Though it might be argued that these tendencies evolve from
"nesting" instincts and are types of "gathering" behavior (as opposed to
the generally understood "masculine" hunting and roaming tendencies). And similar modern observations of women's roles in society and socializing might be backed-up by noting physiological differences in men and women (women having sex organs that "gather"-- as if to "gather into a society", men having those which "hunt"-- as if to divide and conquer, or expand). Still, such observations are by no means universally accepted as evidence for my statement (that "feminine drivel" is more often based on popularity, social acceptance, and other interpersonal reasons than is male "drivel"). Similarly, many men espouse relativistic philosophies and their reasons for doing so may or may not be related to women modifying their behavior through "sexual" (or other) rewards and/ or punishments.

But it has been my experience that at least SOME men "change their tune" when becoming involved with women... and that alot of their "philosophy" starts sounding like "woman worship".

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