Re: virus: Rich and Poor

Wade T.Smith (
Fri, 28 May 1999 22:40:49 -0400


I was probably awake.

I may not have been.

Economics and aesthetics = memetics. (The Macrohard Cooperation.)

That is what I said. I ain't sure why though, although to me, aesthetics is first the perception of beauty and then the discovery of why there is beauty to perceive, encompassing both the 'soft' behavioral/psychological and the 'hard' neurobiologic disciplines.

Economics is a technology/discipline encompassing both the analyzation of motivations and the use and utility of resources, both 'hard' and 'soft' and ranging far and wide into, as I see it, food chains and social heirarchies as well as perceptual awarenesses of stimuli and persuasion techniques.

'Memeticists' love to talk about advertising methods. They love to talk about markets and lifestyles. They love to armchair influence.

Memetics, as I've always seen it, is the 'consilience' umbrella, and, 'aesthetics', to me, has always been the only valid use of philosophy, and, lately, 'economics' has seemed to me to be a useful umbrella for human motivation. I ain't a Marxist, but I think I understand why he started, or ended up, where he did.

The more you know about why you've done something, the more 'memetic' you are.

What memes did you want to create today?