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> > The three subsections of the GRE are mathematical, verbal and
> > logical. My cumulative score was 2190 out of a possible 2400. If
> > you believe that it measures nothing, try training a sub-80
> > Stanford- Binet IQ registerer in quantum mechanics, particle
> physics,
> > general relativity, calculus or cosmological theory.
> have apparently missed the point entirely. At no point did I
> say it measures nothing. It is a measurement device, it obviously
> measures something. Whether or not what it measures reflects the
> QUALITY of the mind under investigation is another matter entirely.
> ...What would lead you to believe that the ability to comprehend
> quantum mechanics et al has anything to do with the worth of a
> consciousness or the potential contribution of that mind to the
> species?
> I said, it is a measurement of specific cognitive skills - [by
> your own admission] mathematics, verbal expression and logic - as
> they relate to a particular social context and worldview [academic
> instruction] and translate into a particular testing format.
> ...the fact that you scored well is a reflection of your
> accomplishment in these areas. The fact that you feel the need to
> crow about it indicates something else altogether.
Forrest Gump might be a "good guy", but it's highly unlikely that a real gump (lacking gumption) would have such a life, or would develop the calculus (integral or differential), or relativity theory (special or general), or complexity theory, or the uncertainty principle, or the undecideability theorems I or II, or fuzzy logic, or phenomenology, or structuralism, or genetic epistemology, or hermeneutics, or semiotics, or memetics, any of which contribute substantially more to the species as a whole than any chocolate box park bench "philosophizing" by a kind and good-natured nitwit. I mentioned my experience with the test to show that I knew whereof I spoke concerning it. Your need to engage in sour grapish reverse snobbery about it in your response speaks volumes.
> -psypher
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