Re: virus: Will and Force ?

psypher (
Thu, 20 May 1999 21:11:25 -0400 (EDT)

> The three subsections of the GRE are mathematical, verbal and
> logical. My cumulative score was 2190 out of a possible 2400. If
> you believe that it measures nothing, try training a sub-80
> Stanford- Binet IQ registerer in quantum mechanics, particle
> general relativity, calculus or cosmological theory. have apparently missed the point entirely. At no point did I say it measures nothing. It is a measurement device, it obviously measures something. Whether or not what it measures reflects the QUALITY of the mind under investigation is another matter entirely. ...What would lead you to believe that the ability to comprehend quantum mechanics et al has anything to do with the worth of a consciousness or the potential contribution of that mind to the species? I said, it is a measurement of specific cognitive skills - [by your own admission] mathematics, verbal expression and logic - as they relate to a particular social context and worldview [academic instruction] and translate into a particular testing format. ...the fact that you scored well is a reflection of your accomplishment in these areas. The fact that you feel the need to crow about it indicates something else altogether.

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