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> >>I have looked around, and have a good idea of the relative
> >>intellectual calibre requirements of the varying degrees as well as
> >>personal knowledge of the abilities of those pursuing them. Those
> >>with education or social work degrees are not generally your GRE
> >>score stars - simple fact. Why the defensiveness; this wouldn't
> >>happen to be YOUR degree, would it, O Prestidigitating Sleight-of-
> >>Offhand Remark Legerdermainer?
> ...just a quick point... the GRE measures capability with one or more
> sets of cognitive skills useful in a particular sort of environment.
> I'm not sure what you mean by "intellectual calibre" but I am [quite]
> sure that the quality of a mind cannot be assessed through use of a
> written exam.
The three subsections of the GRE are mathematical, verbal and logical. My cumulative score was 2190 out of a possible 2400. If you believe that it measures nothing, try training a sub-80 Stanford- IQ registerer in quantum mechanics, particle physics, general relativity, calculus or cosmological theory.
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