virus: Will and Force ?

Jim (
Thu, 20 May 1999 09:57:41 -0500

Joe Wrote:

>I have looked around, and have a good idea of the relative
>intellectual calibre requirements of the varying degrees as well as
>personal knowledge of the abilities of those pursuing them. Those
>with education or social work degrees are not generally your GRE
>score stars - simple fact. Why the defensiveness; this wouldn't
>happen to be YOUR degree, would it, O Prestidigitating Sleight-of-
>Offhand Remark Legerdermainer?

Not defensiveness, wanted to know why you have a low opinion of those who chose to advance society in their own way. And also you presented a opportunity to learn and profit.

>As to claims of snide and
>supercilious loquacity, YOU'RE the one self-contradictorally
>greasing your pockets by getting your antidrug screed fronted by a
>worldwide producer and advertiser of of caffeinated colas to the
>young (was it Coke or Pepsi again? I know; it may be a drug, but
>it's YOUR drug, and that makes all the difference to you). Go
>ahead and bray kettle, you hypocritical pot. You can put up with
>me or not, but I'll tell you exactly where you can put it!

Well Joe I do have to correct you here it is not anti drug it is a lecture on the psychological manipulation used by advertisers. It was Coke doing the sponsoring and they will no longer. After the initial questions about the program and the sponsor I also considered it not proper. So the state is considering sponsorship. As for the profit I make let me assure you that because this is a project I personally believe will have a positive effect my fee is approximately one fifth of what it should be. I make my money at other venues.


Jim Callahan
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