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> Joe wrote,
> If I were him, I wouldn'y brag
> >about an MA in education (supposing he was able to obtain one
> >before schizophrenia kicked in), as that is a lightweight degree akin
> >to a degree in social work.
> Well Joe I believe you make a good point that I have always contended. That
> a person who has not been there has no idea of what they speak. I am serious
> about this and all will agree that I have never been ill tempered in my
> posting. But who the hell do you think puts up with guys like you when your
> learning to be clever and overly verbose? And as for the social work comment
> I do believe I hear the braying of a jackass! I do not intend these comments
> to be taken as ill tempered but come on Joe take a look around.
I have looked around, and have a good idea of the relative intellectual calibre requirements of the varying degrees as well as personal knowledge of the abilities of those pursuing them. Those with education or social work degrees are not generally your GRE score stars - simple fact. Why the defensiveness; this wouldn't happen to be YOUR degree, would it, O Prestidigitating Sleight-of- Offhand Remark Legerdermainer? As to claims of snide and supercilious loquacity, YOU'RE the one self-contradictorally greasing your pockets by getting your antidrug screed fronted by a worldwide producer and advertiser of of caffeinated colas to the young (was it Coke or Pepsi again? I know; it may be a drug, but it's YOUR drug, and that makes all the difference to you). Go ahead and bray kettle, you hypocritical pot. You can put up with me or not, but I'll tell you exactly where you can put it!
> Jim
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